How AI Is Changing the Future of Ecommerce

December 07,2021

Written By Shylie Rimmer

There’s no denying that automation machine learning improves the customer experience; and with the future of advertising looking contextual, targeted, and predictive, there’s a reason why artificial intelligence is paving the way. 

Ultimately, advertisers want to create effective ads that target the right customers at the right time; and in today’s world, these ads need to be consumer privacy-friendly, while also saving you money and creating a smoother customer experience. But why is AI the way to achieve all this? Let’s break it down.


What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is machine-demonstrated intelligence. It’s the ability for machines to be able to simulate human intelligence, skills, and traits; and perform tasks that otherwise would be performed by people.

How is AI changing the eCommerce game?

Automated customer support

One of the most resource-consuming aspects of running a B2C business is keeping up with your customer support. Fortunately, this is something that AI is becoming more and more adept at mitigating; with tools like natural language processing and Google Cloud’s Contact Centre AI making customer support chatbots essential, authentic, and priceless.

We know; “chatbot” seems like such a robotic way to support your customers. But what if we told you that some of the world’s biggest retail and CPG companies are tapping into the power of conversational commerce – via the use of chatbots – to increase customer loyalty, win new customers, and drive sales through the roof? 

Besides alleviating the load on your representatives by answering basic customer queries and resolving simple issues, AI-powered chatbots evolve with time. As machine learning gets introduced to these systems, chatbots can go as far as learning from customer interactions, anticipating their problems, and eventually successfully answering a much broader range of customer concerns, without the need for human interference.


Product recommendations

The holy grail of artificial intelligence for eCommerce, product recommendations is a surefire way to acquire and retain your customers. Not only do product recommendations ensure a seamless, relevant and tailored customer experience, it also ups your sales. In fact, personalised product recommendations for online shoppers are increasing conversion rates by 915% and average order values by 3%.


Personalisation has long been a staple of the online customer experience. Ads, suggestions, and even designs are all made to tailor and target specific segments of your customer base; because at the end of the day people want advertising experiences that are relevant to them. 

AI has taken this to the next level and is only getting more impressive. Data that, to us, appears unstructured is interpretable to AI algorithms, allowing them to form suggestions and come up with even deeper insights. 

What does the future hold for AI? It’s recognising a customer as soon as they enter your store—brick-and-mortar or digital—and aiming to provide them with the most personalised experience they can get, connecting them with your product as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

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