How to Turn Your Content Into Revenue

September 07,2021

Written By Shylie Rimmer

As a publisher, you know your audience loves to shop; so you create content, marketing collateral and advertisements for this very reason. But if we know anything about digital advertising today, it’s that it’s all about context and timing. Grabbing your audience’s attention at the exact moment when they are inspired to shop, makes all the difference. So how can you leverage timing and content to meet your ROIs and boost that revenue?

The answer is simple: contextual advertising; and TRENDii’s industry-changing tech solutions—in the form of TRENDii Ads and the TRENDii SDK plugin—have allowed publishers to leverage it.


How it works

Shopping by inspiration can be difficult for consumers. TRENDii Ads meet the growing need for impactful advertising solutions in a cookie-free digital world that is placing more importance on user data privacy than ever before. 

To complement this, TRENDii’s Shopping Ads SDK uses real-time data to feed ads dynamic content that is contextually relevant to the content on the webpage. Together, they leverage real-time data and context to automate the whole process, making it very easy for your consumers to shop, whilst earning you revenue from your impressions.

The best part? You don’t have to lift a finger. TRENDii goes to work instantly, finding matching branded products to your content and instantly creating ads to monetise it.

How it looks

TRENDii creates dynamic and contextual advertising that is relevant to consumers, due to their native nature. These ads are not only native, they are customisable, and can appear differently in each situation. TRENDii Ads can sit as a ‘shop the look’ product carousel by images, an in-image ad, a product tagging ad, a native product discovery placement, or in any other way you choose.

1.jpg (28).png

Why is it better than traditional advertising?

Contextual advertising is the future of advertising. Here’s why. 

You save time and money

TRENDii automates the whole product tagging process, finding similar products for all content that sit at different price points and suit different shopper budgets.

You increase your revenue

Premium native placements are much more cost effective than traditional forms of advertising; and because they deliver incredible performance for brands, brands can afford to pay more.

You provide a great CX, while respecting privacy

Consumers don’t like irrelevant and intrusive advertising. In fact, consumer pushback has driven to global privacy changes and the imminent death of the cookie. TRENDii ensures you put the consumer first and respect their values; while giving them an enjoyable and relevant advertising experience.

You can make more content because you know it works

TRENDii has your back. By turning your content into effective, instant shoppable experiences for your audience, you know that your investment in content is well worth it.

Keep your leads close

Your audience can now stay within your ecosystem to shop, instead of leaving to search for products, or switching to social media.

How can you leverage contextual advertising?

If you’re a publisher looking to turn your content into revenue by targeting the impressionable consumer, we’ve got just the thing. TRENDii’s contextual advertising solution leverages context to turn your content into an instant shopping experience for your audience. It’s how publishers worldwide are targeting consumers at the moment that they are most inspired to shop.

Contact TRENDii Founder, Aaron Woolf, today to discuss how TRENDii can help you – or head to our website to learn more.