TRENDii, building the future of contextual advertising for ecommerce

February 28,2023

Written By Shylie Rimmer

At TRENDii, we’re busy building products that help brands, publishers and consumers tap into the one of the fastest growing trends in marketing - contextual advertising for ecommerce.

This piece dives into 4 key reasons why contextual advertising is a winning play, and how TRENDii can help you, as a brand or publisher, stay ahead of the curve! 

AI is enabling new ways to advertise, not possible before

Artificial intelligence (AI) is having a moment in the sun right now. Largely thanks to ChatGPT and other generative AI tools capturing a lot of attention. But it’s the advertising use cases we love. 

AI enables a completely new and better way to serve advertising. For example, TRENDii’s computer vision technology analyses content, looks up a database of products and then instantly returns the most relevant products, as ads next to content. This experience is just not possible without AI.

Privacy changes are reducing the performance of digital advertising

As is widely known, the ability to use cookies and personable identifiable data (PID) is waning due to global privacy law changes, and companies like Apple putting more restrictions on their users personal data. You can read this helpful article to catch-up on the latest. 

As the effectiveness of advertising channels that rely on consumer’s personal and behavioural data wanes, TRENDii serves as the perfect, scalable and future-proof solution, as it does not rely on cookies or PID. 

Contextual advertising can collapse the funnel, faster than other forms of advertising 

Contextual advertising targets users based on the context of the content they are consuming. This captures the user at the moment of inspiration, so when they engage they are more likely to be further down the funnel than other forms of advertising.

In practice, TRENDii can quickly take a consumer from the point of inspiration (e.g. discovering a new dress which has been matched to a celebrity look); to consideration (e.g. clicking on the product); to purchase instantly.

Boring ads (out of context) don’t benefit consumers, retailers and publishers

Generally speaking:

  • Consumers understand that ads are part of the free internet. However, they ignore ads that aren’t capturing their attention; 

  • Retailers just want results that are achieved in a way that protects their brand; and  

  • Publishers just want ads that drive a fair share of the value they create and create a positive viewing experience.

TRENDii enables ALL of this through inspirational ads (that consumers love!), strong results that deliver new traffic, customers and sales (that retailers love!), and super relevant ads and revenue sharing (that publishers love!). 

Our final thought for retailers and publishers
How can you show a more relevant ad to audiences that drives results? 

How can you generate NEW revenue from your current content?

Start using TRENDii to advertise and monetise your content today!

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